1 more day…

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I will be done tomorrow, and return to my life.

I requested for a sound mix reschedule. Hopefully that goes through.

Pushing through the final hours…


Thesis For Thought..

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I can count the number of renders I have left with 2 hands.. Its that close.. I’ve been madly compositing trying to set everything up so then once I get the renders I can pop them into Nuke and they can render out of there. On Saturday I heard Sean’s first pass at sound design and I really liked it. I’m listening to a second pass tomorrow, giving some additional feedback then I should be ready for sound mix.

Almost There! But Still A Whiles To Go!

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Wow, its been a long time since I’ve posted, mostly because I’ve been so busy that I haven’t got the time to post anything. Catching up, last week’s picture lock went great, I’m incredibly happy with how my movie is turning out, and I’m super excited for it to be completed. As I’m a perfectionist, I can’t stand the slightest problems in my renders, even if its something that no one will notice. Thus, I keep having to render multiple times. I will finish on time though, and I’ve given myself a deadline for render lock: 2 weeks from today. Its definitely achievable, and completing this movie will not only be satisfying, but also relieving.

As for music, Derek has been churning out music like a beast. Great stuff, as usual. I had him redo some pieces, which took up to 6 tries, but I feel like its there! Adding the sound mix on top of that would bring so much life to my movie. Super excited! I’m meeting with Sean Brust, my sound designer, this Saturday and listening to the first pass of sound mix. I’m hoping to have Sean mix my movie so that when I bring it in on sound mixing day all I have to do is adjust the master volume and I’m done!

Pushing Through!

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This week has been incredibly productive, after a huge letdown last week. I’ve gotten into compositing my shots, and while many of them are not finalized, I’m pushing through because its more important for me at this point to get the image out rather than tweaking it to perfection. Once I have a solid 1st draft of my movie, I will go back and tweak all the shots. This way, Derek and Sean, my music and sound guys, can have something to work on.

A Major Bump In The Road

•March 2, 2011 • 1 Comment

The Bad: I met with Eric Hanson on Monday and basically realized that my 3 weeks worth of renders were broken. Shadow pass was not working in mental ray, and GI doesn’t respect transparency maps.

Thesis For Thought

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So last week was a little bit of a rush. I had to accelerate at 3 times the speed with 3 times less sleep because I was rearranging POV materials. And it actually messed up my sleep schedule to the point that I’ve had to check into the health center. Ever since I’ve been taking cold pills before I sleep to return to my normal habits. Now on to thesis related stuff:

1) Composited 2 shots in 1 night, went pretty OK, but because of my limited understanding of Nuke, I would have to wait till Thursday to meet with Rob Nederhorst and ask him some questions instead of pulling my eyes out and compositing in the most inefficient way possible.

2) Animated beach scenes!

3) Rendering still slow but pushing through.

4) I dedicated a section of my website to my thesis: http://dominicsoo.com/thesis_01_set.html. For some reason it doesn’t work on the USC computers. Not in the lab, not in Zemeckis. But it works fine on my computer and my roommates’. I called Go Daddy and they could access it too. Weird.

5) By the end of this week I’ll have a movie to send to my sound composer.

6) ADR is next Friday. I wish I could record before my presentation, but one of the actors couldn’t make it, so Friday it is.

Rendering with mental ray… Percentage of render 10…

•February 16, 2011 • 1 Comment

Its about that time… Yup… I’ve been dreading it. But it must be done…. Rendering takes such a long time, but I’m pulling through pretty OK. I’ve been letting my computer sit and blaze through all those renders for days and nights, and I still have more to come.

Auditions went fantastic though. Highly entertaining, lots of crazy improv and hilarity from a lot of the actors. Thanks to Wyatt, Michelle and Lisa who sat through with me! As of last Monday I secured 2 actors who are more than excited to play the role of Tom and Gus, my 2 radio stars. ADR is March 4th with Bethany Sparks, and my two very talented voice actors. Something to look forward to.

Oh and Malibu beach filming…. complete. Booyah.